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Frequently Asked Questions: "My Aspergers Teen" Parenting Program

Can this program work for me if I’m divorced and my son’s father lets him get away with everything while at his home?

Yes (you're referring to the Disneyland Dads). But I have to say, neither you nor your ex can control your Aspergers child. Neither one of you can make your child spit, stand on his head, walk a straight line, or any thing else for that matter. Thus, you will learn how to (a) stop trying to 'control' behavior, and instead (b) start 'influencing' him to make better choices. As a result, your child will take your 'influence' with him, even when he goes over to dad's house.


How long will it take to see a positive change in my Aspergers child's behavior?

You should notice positive changes in your child – and in yourself – the very first day you use these parenting strategies. As you begin to implement the techniques outlined in the program, you will see even more significant, long-lasting changes in your child’s behavior and attitude. Parenting your Aspergers child will become easier -- and more enjoyable.

Bear in mind that if your child is, say, 15-years-old -- it has taken 15 years for the problems to get to this point. So it will take at least a few weeks to get the problems turned around. Most parents (90% plus) see permanent changes in their child's behavior within 4 weeks.


What is the age range for this program?

I have used these techniques and concepts successfully with children as young as 5 years of age and as old as 19. The program has proven to be effective with children of any age, because it provides detailed guidelines to help parents create (in most cases spontaneously) the most effective approach for any given scenario -- regardless of age, gender, or race.

A popular parenting-myth is that one should parent differently depending on the child’s age. This is an example of the erroneous information floating around. You would certainly want to use different language depending on the child’s developmental stage (e.g., you don’t want to use big words with a 5-year-old), but parents should basically parent the same way whether their child is 3, 13, or 23.


Can teachers, social workers, and other therapists use the information in this eBook?

Yes. Every adult who works with Aspergers children or teens in some capacity will benefit from the strategies presented in the material. Hundreds of teachers, parents, and therapists are now better equipped to deal with their difficult students, children, and clients because they learned how to think outside the box and approach Aspergers- related behavioral problems from a completely different angle.


If an Aspergers child has an additional diagnosis (e.g., ADHD, ODD, OCD, etc.), will this course work for him too?

Definitely. Aspergers children rarely act-out for extended periods of time simply because they have a behavior problem. Most of these children have underlying, core issues that will need to be dealt with in advance of 'misbehavior'.  This program is very helpful - and indeed necessary - for children who have more than one mental health issue.

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