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More Testimonials: "My Aspergers Teen" Parenting Program

Just a quick note to say thank you for your program.  You have done a really great job on this and it was very affordable.  My Aspergers son and I were going down a very ugly spiral. I am a single mom and always the “bad guy”.   The biggest turnaround was lowering the bar to the point he couldn’t fail. It gave him a light at the end of the tunnel that he did not have before – and he ran to it!  ~ Angie P.

My husband and I were at the end of our ropes.  I prayed for wisdom and God certainly answered my prayer.  I have already tried some things on the first week -- actually the day I ordered this -- and to my amazement they worked!!  I had already been thinking the turmoil was like a drug for my teenager, and I was right.  Thank you so much and God Bless you!  ~ Ellen H.

Nothing has helped as much as this common sense advice.  We've been to counseling, read books, you name it.  We can't even put into words what we owe you.  Thank you so much.  ~ Larry and Virginia B.

Our prayers were answered with your program.  We are gradually reclaiming control of our family. THANK YOU for bringing love, peace and harmony to our family once and for all this time.   ~ Melinda Y.

Thank you for putting your expertise on the Internet as we live in England.  ~ John O.

Thank you so much for being available -- I still can't get over your generosity! It seems amazing to me that I have no one to talk to about these things, and I need to rely on a stranger half way around the world -- but God bless you for your work -- things have really improved since I started this process -- it was so out of control, and overwhelming.  ~ Louis V.

Thank you so much for making this program so affordable and supportive for the parent. I think we will make it through the next four years in a much calmer household.  ~ Debbie B.

This email is to thank you very much for sharing all the important info you have so that people can be helped. I once was very worried thinking that my son would never make it in life. But now I have hope and evidence that he will do just fine as an adult with Aspergers.  ~ Robin F.

We joined your website for our 15 year old son a few months back.  Let me say this after having gone through many different programs for difficult teenagers, your program is very solid.  We have told our current counselors and connections about it so that other parents with Aspergers teens may use your resources, too. Our son is to the point now where he no longer argues.  ~ Merle and Tina C.

What I found interesting is how much my Aspergers son seemed to be feeding into the diagnosis of "depression" and his "anger issues". I also noticed that the medications actually made him more miserable - and his defiant behavior escalated. Your ebook has really helped, and I am only in the first week!  ~ Beth L.

You have given us so much relief by responding to our questions.  Thank you very, very much.  Your book is great, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate your dedication to teaching parents how to deal with difficult Aspergers teenagers, like the one we have!  ~ Barbara H.

Your Aspergers teen eBook has given me and my wife a great deal of hope with our son. He is 13, but I can see already that with our parenting style, it hasn’t done S___ any favours at all. I thought that one of the key areas you wrote about was very interesting to me, was the topic that as parents you shouldn't feel guilty for trying your very best and to take time out to look after yourself. I constantly feel guilty for being a working mum etc. I love the eBook and have read the material over and over. I will stick to the 4 weeks with vivid interest, and I can see how the techniques you promote will help me in my job as a lecturer too. Keep the good work.  ~ Jayne T.

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